DIY Sewing Table


When our beloved small Ikea dresser’s drawers broke, we weren’t sure what to do with it. What a shame to just throw it out! After some thought, I got the idea to transform it into something useful. At the time I was looking into buying a sewing machine and thus would need some place to [...]

Why I Love Citrus Lane & Zulily…and I don’t even have kids yet

I’ve gotten some strange looks from people when they learn how baby obsessed I am. It can be disheartening to hear, but I’ve learned to disregard those opinions because I have reasons for collecting baby things ahead of time. One of the ways I collect quality baby items is through Citrus Lane subscriptions and sales [...]

Creating a Cloffice (Closet Office)!

cloffice thumb

When my Pinterest obsession started a few years ago, I stumbled upon this thing called a Cloffice, or Closet Office. The pictures were stunning…amazing, colorful, chic designs creatively placed in small spaces. And I fell in love. In all the places I have lived, there was never an open or available closet space to use, [...]

PlanetWise Reusable Bags Review & Giveaway!

planetwise giveaway

PlanetWise is a company that believes in providing fashionable, eco-friendly, reusable products for families. They make wetbags, travel bags, wet/dry bags, and sandwich/snack bags. I’ve been using their sandwich and snack bags on a nearly daily basis for about a year now. I pack my lunches with them as well as my husbands. I have [...]