Pintober 2014: Recap Days 16-31


  It’s hard to believe that October is over, and thus, Pintober, the wonderful month where YouTube is taken over by Pinterest projects, is over for another year. What an experience it has been! I was worried about getting a video up each day, but some detailed pre-planning made it possible, even on the hectic [...]

An Oil A Day: Plagued By Heachaches


  For as long as I can remember, all the way back into my pre-teen years, I have been plagued by headaches. The familiar pulsing and pounding brings dread any time it starts pushing its way to my attention. They come for many reasons…stress, tension, poor posture, florescent lights, loud continuous noise, eye strain, computer [...]

Everyday Essential Oils: Daily Benefits


When sharing essential oils with people, a questions I often get is “Do I really need to buy an “expensive” kit and diffuser? Why can’t I just buy one or two oils?” My answer is simple: Of course you can just buy one or two oils, but it’s unlikely you’ll see the vast benefits in [...]

Pintober 2014: Recap Days 1-15


Ah Pintober, where the month of October is taken over by Pinterest projects! Truly this is a great experience and I’m loving every crazy, stressful, exciting and surprising minute of it. Making these videos each day and getting them up on YouTube is a challenge (thus why this blog has been quiet recently), but I’ve [...]