Essential Oil Baby Shower Gift Basket

full gift basket

Tiny little shoes, itty bitty socks and teeny little outfits… Babies bring something so special in such a small package and the blessing of new life is always an occasion to be celebrated! Whether you’ve had the opportunity to have your own little ones or just enjoy the sweetness of a family member or friends’ […]

What is Oola?

Have you been hearing about Oola? I am so excited about the the partnership between Oola (the organization) and Young Living Essential Oils. Together they have designed specially formulated essential oil blends that can help empower and encourage us on our journey to living our best life. Learn more about the Oola principles and oils […]

Non-Toxic & Low-Toxin Baby Gear Options


I want the best for my baby, and I’m sure you do as well! But sometimes “the best” and “most natural” options aren’t easy to come by or affordable. In the natural world, everyone will say that organic is best, natural fabrics and fibers are good and plastic and chemicals are the worst. In theory, […]

Young Living Essential Rewards – Why It’s Such A Valuable Deal!


When I joined Young Living Essential Oils, I quickly dismissed their Essential Rewards program thinking I couldn’t afford it and would never use it. Less than a month later I learned the true value the ER program offers and I’ve been hooked ever since! Just what is Essential Rewards, you ask? Simply put, Essential Rewards, […]