30 day Decluttering Challenge

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what if your home could be organized, decluttered and calm?

A simplified home and life soothes the soul, strengthens family relationships, and turns chaotic days into manageable rhythms. 

Many people try to do major cleanouts and end up burned out, overwhelmed, and stuck in the middle of mess. 

Project Simplicity takes a different approach. In this proven method, we walk through 30 days of simple action steps to align your heart with what’s happening in your home.

The result of consistent small steps is remarkable progress! 

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Simple Steps Anyone Can Do

The step-by-step decluttering method that meets you where you’re at in your busy life. Filled with encouragement, tips, stories, and one daily action step designed to be done in a small chunk of time, this challenge is ideal for stressed-out moms looking to simplify and calm the chaos. 

Maybe you know the feeling...

Clutter Pile Ups.

The counter, table, dressers, closets, and pretty much every surface are covered in stuff.

Can't Find What You Need.

It plagues most of us... lost keys, wallet, papers, favorite outfit... And where on earth is that stapler??

Enough is Enough.

Feeling up to your ears in stress and chaos? When the clutter has gotten to you, it's time to say enough is enough.

The truth is that most people lose steam when decluttering because...

Too much, too fast

Decluttering the entire attic or garage in one day is too much for most people when their decluttering muscles haven’t been built up! Too much, too fast leads to giving up.

no accountability

Without an accountability system in place, there is little motivation to keep going when decisions get hard.

stuck in hard decisions

The hard decisions will come! Sentimental stuff, keepsakes, heirlooms, gifts, buyer’s remorse… These items are difficult to make decisions on, and without support, most people just keep everything.

heart conflicts

It’s easy to ignore your feelings, but what most don’t realize is that conflicts of the heart actually create more chaos and regret. As the stress builds, the decluttering stops.

Introducing project simplicity!

A one-of-a-kind, free challenge offering a holistic approach with proven methods from a Professional Organizer.

For 30 days, you’ll receive a daily email with a short lesson, real-life examples and stories, and one action step assignment that will walk you towards a simpler home and life. 

Unlike most decluttering challenges, this isn’t just about getting rid of stuff. We’ll be tackling not only the clutter in our home, but also the clutter in our mind, body and soul, because those pesky emotional blocks can actually hold us back from progress.

I’ll be walking you through the steps that I took to simplify my home, and those that I’ve used to help my Professional Organizing clients as well. 

Take a look inside

simple dishes in a pile

Daily Lessons Include

• real-life pictures & examples
• heart-centered approach to simplifying life

Daily Assignments Include

• step-by-step professional organizing coaching
• journaling questions
• action steps

relaxing in a home office
pothos plant

Simple Steps
designed with busy moms in mind

• small chunks of time
• focus on one task at a time

Your Mind, body, and soul deserve a rest

Tired and stressed out families don’t need longer to-do lists! You need a heart re-charge instead! 

Project Simplicity enables you to simplify your home little by little,
with a focus on doing less, but having more impact!

In the next 30 days you can expect: 

• To see significantly less visual clutter in your living spaces
• To understand why you have the stuff you have
• To feel more relaxed and cozy in your home
• To know your family is on track for closer relationships and less chaos

Decluttering your home with heart will transform your living spaces, slow down family life, and simplify emotional balance. The best part is that we’ll be doing this step-by-step, a little each day!

What others are saying...

My husband and I came away with a new way of thinking about our “stuff” during Laura’s 30 day challenge. It couldn’t have come at a better time for us as we are preparing to retire and downsize.

Laura’s gentle and gradual process (and helpful examples), provided us with valuable tools that we will use for the rest of our lives to simplify, organize, declutter, let go of our “ideal selves” and the stuff we have literally become slaves to, allowing us to fully embrace what living means to us.
Rita Y.
I liked focusing on decluttering my home and doing it in small steps. The principles are easy to accomplish and thought-provoking as we often hang on to stuff for the wrong reasons. I'll be going back and repeating the challenge again!
Kimberly D.
I loved this challenge! Even when life got busy, I found the daily tasks to be manageable and learned so much about why I've held on to the items in my home. This challenge is a game-changer!
Sarah T.

Hey there! I'm Laura Noelle!

I’m a wife, mom, and Professional Organizer. I know what it’s like to feel stressed in a chaotic and cluttered home. I’ve been there, and I also know how to get out!

Our family has been on a simple living journey for years, and it’s all the culmination of many small steps that have led us here. 

I’m passionate about encouraging moms with simple steps to declutter the home, slow down family life and make health simple in a heart-centered way. The little actions matter–let’s walk through them together!

Start your simplifying journey today!

Let’s walk through the next 30 days together. You don’t have to do this alone. It’s time to restore simple harmony in your home and heart! 

Enter your email to get instant access to the Project Simplicity 30 day decluttering challenge. You’ll receive a daily email with lessons, assignments, and professional coaching to help you declutter your home in a heart-centered way.

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