Inspiring Generosity in Kids with The Kindness Elves

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Instilling a spirit of kindness and generosity in children, especially around the holidays can be a challenge as cultural and commercial pressures push for a self-centered, behavior based, materialistic attitude. In an effort to inspire wonder, gratitude, creativity, and imagination in my daughter, I searched for an alternative.

We found that inspiring generosity in kids with The Kindness Elves is a great way to stay others-focused while spreading holiday cheer and making a difference in our community. I also love that The Kindness Elves can be year-round learning tool with options for Camp Kindness (summer) and the Kind Classroom.

Learn how to inspire generosity in kids with The Kindness Elves as a great way to stay others-focused while spreading holiday cheer! || mindfulness | growth mindset | kids activities

While many of the popular Christmas stories and traditions are centered on what a child wants and naughty behaviors, The Kindness Elves take a different, more growth mindset approach.

Their motto is “Sprinkle Kindness Wherever You Go”, inspiring children (and parents) to develop empathy and be mindful about their actions and words, not for personal gain, but for the effect it has on the other person and the world. 

Acts of Kindness Teach Children They Can Change the World

Cultural trends teach us that we have little control over what goes on in the world–that life is just happening to us. In order to raise a mindful, empowered generation we have to focus on teaching children that they absolutely have the ability to make a difference in the world and it’s the small, daily actions that are the biggest catalyst for change.

Bullying, mental illness, violence, suicide… these issues are not going away, and a proven strategy to combat them is to address the resounding issue of loneliness and isolation. Certainly, we can’t fix all the problems, but we can show the people in our community that we care.

There is a fine line between keeping our children safe from dangerous people and teaching them to show kindness to everyone. It’s a struggle for me, but I’ve also realized that if I model to my child to be avoidant of people in public places, I am only teaching her to be fearful instead of empowered.

Our children deserve to learn how to be empathetic and empowered.

The Kindness Elves create a tangible way to start showing kindness to safe people: neighbors, family, children on the playground, store clerks, bus driver, crossing guard, teacher. The people your child already interacts with on a daily basis. Now they get to think intentionally about sharing a smile, saying thank you, making and giving a treat.

Including others. Building relationships. Practicing forgiveness. Learning to give generously.

Here’s How the Elves Sprinkle Kindness:

First, The Kindness Elves leave an Act of Kindness suggestion for children. You can get pre-made Kindness Hearts in the Accessory pack, or make your own. Second, the children discover the elves and the suggestion for kindness and naturally, are excited to help the elves on their mission. Third, doing the act of kindness creates an impressionable learning experience for children.

And finally, the Elves can leave a small note (postcards are in the Accessory pack) congratulating the child on making a difference and the note can be stored in the child’s Little Book of Big Kindnesses (also in the Accessory pack) as a record.

These steps prompt children to follow through with daily acts of kindness, provide inspiration and ideas and positive feedback that nurtures a lifestyle of thinking about others’ needs and feelings.

Camp Kindness makes Generosity Year-Round

I highly recommend checking out the Camp Kindness Bundle that includes a 105 page PDF book filled with a 6 week (designed for summer) program full of acts of kindness and fun activities to keep kids (recommended ages 3-8) busy and engaged. This is the bundle I got for our family and it makes it so easy to get started.

In Camp Kindness, each week’s theme is centered around Kindness Elves character groups–based on the color options available. When I read what each group stood for and their names, my heart melted to see that the pink set of elves I purchased for my daughter truly fit her.

See All the Character Groups & Download Printable Cards for each Elf here

Blue Elves: The Story Tellers
Red Elves: The Potion Mixers
Green Elves: The Nature Lovers
Purple Elves: The Artists
Pink Elves: The Wish Makers
Gray Elves: The Recipe Makers

My daughter’s elves are Rose and Wish, and they love parties, surprises, and fun. Their virtues are peace and gentleness. Friendship, wands, stars, glitter, innovation, and treasure are keywords with Wish Maker elves and my daughter fits right in!

They are all fantastic though, but the character groups make it even more fun to pick a color that matches your children!

The Accessory Pack

While not a true necessity, I absolutely adore the accessory box because:

  1. Less work for me
  2. The little details are perfection and oh so adorable!

Included are The Little Book of Big Kindnesses to record their adventures, 50 Kindness Act Suggestion Hearts, 50 teeny tiny postcards for the elves to write notes to the children, sheets of stickers and a precious little bottle of Magic Dust to bring the elves to life. I’m not kidding, I may have cried just a tiny bit when I saw them.

The Story of the Kindness Elves Picture Book

Beautiful illustrations bring the story of the elves to life with a special ending telling children to look for their own elves arriving soon. I love the continual verbal reminder to sprinkle kindness and help others and we’ve read this book multiple times already this month!

Watch the Unboxing here:

Generosity Is a Cultivated Skill

Because generosity is a modeled and cultivated skill, it’s something we have to be mindful of as parents and teachers. Not only am I inspired to be more kind in my daily life, but I’m more aware that my daughter is watching me, and will model what I do. I’m so thankful for whimsical teaching tools like The Kindness Elves that make these tasks fun, engaging and literally, hands-on in our daily lives!

It makes my quest to a simpler, more meaningful life for our family more streamlined to be able to use stories and imagination and a fun tangible reminder to look out for how we can help others and make a difference in their life.

Check Out All The Kindness Elves Here

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Learn how to inspire generosity in kids with The Kindness Elves and help them make a difference in the world. || mindfulness | growth mindset | kids activities
Tips for raising generous kids using tools like The Kindness Elves to help them make a difference in the world. || growth mindset | mindfulness | kids activities | generosity

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