Hey there! I’m so glad to meet you! 

I’m Laura Noelle. 

Like you, I’m drawn to the simpler, slower, more intentional kind of life. Family roles as a wife and mother are super important, but so are your goals and dreams as you contribute to the world. Yes, it’s totally possible to do both!

There’s an epidemic right now in our homes, minds, bodies, and souls–it’s called clutter. Most of us are familiar with the stress stuff brings.

You’re longing for simplicity, an organized house and a thriving family life, and I totally get it. I’ve been there! I used to feel like I was miserably trying to hold it all together, while desperately longing for a peaceful, meaningful life. If you just want to enjoy life again instead of drowning in chaos–I hear you!

You don’t need a fancy system or complicated tools. You need simple routines and step by step encouragement to cut the clutter and reduce your stress.

I’m all about restoring simple harmony in your home and heart. This is holistic living that resonates with your mind, body and soul. This is about peace, passion and priorities.

You’ll see real-life pictures of my minimalism journey, watch videos of my decluttering process, and find encouragement for every step of the way as you simplify your home and heart. As I share my family’s simple living journey, I can’t wait to hear all about yours!

While I’m trained as a Professional Organizer, I fight a lifetime of clutter collecting habits and the craziness of mom life. I want better for my daughter, so I’m seeking the simple life because it matters. I’m also an aromatherapist-in-training and the passion to live a healthier life runs deep.

Simplifying Life Matters

  • More quality time with family
  • More energy to pursue passions & dreams
  • More relaxed schedule with less running around!

Living a simpler life means you’ll usually find me on my porch, crafting audacious words while chasing my rambunctious preschooler.

It means that our home is now a safe haven that smells and feels amazing because we cut out all the toxic products that were taxing our bodies and sapping our energy.

It means I get to spend more time outdoors snapping pictures instead of inside all day cooking and cleaning. Sure, I still do those things, but it doesn’t take up my whole day anymore!

My days are powered by coffee, oils and chocolate, because, well, I’m a mom! But my mindset has shifted and I’m embarking on adventures I never thought possible a few years ago.

When you’re ready to simplify life, adventures are waiting for you too!

Let’s intentionally declutter our homes, slow down family life and make health simple in a heart-centered way!

All in bite-size changes anyone can make! =)

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Wellness Simplicity

I know what it’s like to feel exhausted and behind. To just escape with Netflix when the weight of the world pushes in. I know that it’s easy to give into imbalance and accept it as the way life is.

Life doesn’t have to stay that way. Because I also know that minimizing your clutter will radically reduce your stress and increase your enjoyment in home life (easier cooking, less cleaning, etc.), I believe that anyone can start making little changes that change absolutely everything.

You can enjoy your family. You can feel freedom in your home. You can find harmony in your dreams and family life!

Let’s do this together! 

Want to chat with me? Send me a message!

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