Why You Should Stop Using Your Favorite Essential Oil

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So you’re loving your essential oils, and there is one that you absolutely adore. Maybe it’s lavender, or peppermint, or frankincense (be still my heart). But regardless, it’s your favorite essential oil and you use it daily! While regular use can have fantastic benefits, it can also have a major consequence. Here’s why you should stop using your favorite essential oil all the time.

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Essential oils are the aromatic extracts from plant material and as such, they are incredibly powerful and highly concentrated. They deserve your respect and mindful use!

When a particular essential oil is used repeatedly (day in and day out) without giving the body a break, the body can become used to the oil and either have a sensitized reaction or stop having a noticeable benefit altogether. Neither of those are what you want!

The Holistic Use of Essential Oils

To continue to enjoy essential oils throughout life, approach essential oil use in a holistic way by looking at the following factors:

  • What is the purpose of using this particular oil?
  • Why am I drawn to this bottle of oil?
  • What is it that I especially like? (smell, how I feel, etc.)

For example, I enjoy putting cedarwood and lavender essential oils in the diffuser at night for a calming, restful atmosphere in the bedroom.

I love the smell of lavender, and adding it to cedarwood makes the combination more pleasant. The blend of these oils makes me feel relaxed and easily unwind from a busy day!

However, when I use the same combination night after night, I start to notice that after a while, I don’t feel so calm. Instead of the usual response, my body would have, I won’t feel anything. This is a result of prolonged use of the same essential oil.

Creating Your Essential Oil Lineup

It’s simple to avoid this phenomenon by having at least 2-3 essential oils that have similar chemical makeups and beneficial actions in your rotation. For example, in my bedtime routine I have several oils and combinations I like to use:

Each of these essential oils includes single oils and blends that have calming and relaxing benefits for unwinding in the evening. I simply rotate them out every few days so my nose is always smelling something slightly different.

For almost every aromatherapy purpose, there are multiple oils or combinations to switch out. Take a few minutes to research from reputable sources. Search our Facebook group if you’re a part of our Floral & Spruce community, or ask a certified aromatherapist for their help.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Mindfully use your essential oils for all the benefits, and avoid overusing any particular oil. Rather than fear that only one essential oil works for you–take heart and try out a new one you’ve never used before.

There are so many beautiful essential oils available to us and while they are all unique, when it comes to action and purpose, they do fall in basic categories (that’s plant chemistry).

I encourage you to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new. You might just find a new favorite!  Be mindful. Be respectful. Be empowered!


Why you should stop using your favorite essential oil
why you should stop using your favorite essential oil

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