DIY Beard Oil

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DIY beard oil

When my husband decided that growing a beard was his new hobby, I decided to get crafty. Since beard hair can get rough, using a beard oil can moisturize, smooth and protect the hair. I mixed up this DIY Beard Oil Blend for him to use and he loves it!

There are many different scents and recipes you can create. Experiment with different kinds of carrier oils and essential oils to find a variety that works wonders for you! This was made with what I happened to have on hand to play around with.

DIY Beard Oil
1 TBSP Sweet Almond Oil
1 TBSP Jojaba Oil
15-18 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
5-7 drops Orange Essential Oil
1 ounce dark glass bottle

Make sure that your essential oils are pure quality and do not have any additives. The skin can be sensitized if the purity or dilution of the essential oils is off.

If you are making this blend for someone with sensitive skin, use less essential oil to reduce the risk of skin or nasal irritation.

The reason for a range in drops is wiggle room for you to sniff the blend as you mix and decide just how much is good for you!

This blend should be shaken well before use and applied to clean skin and facial hair.

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