Skill Sharpeners Science K

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Little minds have a great capacity to imagine and absorb beginning science concepts when they are presented on the right level. Skill Sharpeners makes it simple!

Skill Sharpeners Science K

Kindergarten science is the perfect opportunity to explore and dabble in the different branches of scientific thought. I was thrilled to see that they address three branches in this workbook: Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science.

Using bright colors, songs and rhymes, discussion topics, visual matching and tracing activities, and real-life exploration, the lessons are short and engaging for kindergarteners.

Unlike many workbooks that are filled with “busy work”, we feel like the Skill Sharpeners books have just the right mix of reading/discussion, writing/bookwork, and hands-on/real-life exploration.

A special thanks to Timberdoodle Company for providing a discounted copy of Skill Sharpeners Science K in exchange for our honest review

We are somewhat familiar with the Skill Sharpeners style as we are using it for Geography K, and used the Smart Start STEM Pre-K, also put out by Evan-Moor curriculums.

Skill Sharpeners Science K is available individually or as part of the Timberdoodle Kindergarten curriculum kit.

Science for Little Minds

Kindergarteners are just learning what science is. What’s cold, what’s hot, all about weather and the world around them. We loved the simple breakdown in this workbook. Basic concepts of Physical Science: shapes and spatial positions, forms of water, magnets, and movement. Beginning Life Science: living vs. nonliving, five senses, trees, plants, and animals. And Earth Science elements: land, water, rocks, day and night, seasons, and weather.

Your Kindergartener will have a very good introduction to science basics and the world around them with the variety of topics in Skill Sharpeners K. Featuring 122 pages of study in 20 different topics, and an answer key in the back, you can easily complete one topic each week during a school year.

What We Loved

My daughter goes nuts over music, so the songs and rhymes used to introduce each topic of study were a hit. She often asked me to read them twice and tried to sing along. At the bottom of each introduction is a discussion topic/concept you can use to further the conversation with your child.

Following the reading and discussion are three pages of writing, matching, tracing, or coloring activities. Usually, as she did these pages, we had more discussion about any concept that was confusing or not quickly grasped from the written lesson.

While she didn’t always enjoy tracing the letters and words, from a teacher’s perspective, they are excellent practice to incorporate learning letters and the science concepts.

The sixth page of each lesson is a “Science in our World” page that suggests a way you and your child can get out into the world to experience the topic firsthand. These activities include nature walks, looking for items around the house, simple experiments, playing games, taste testing, visiting a farm/zoo/outdoor area or watching videos, and then drawing their observations in the book.

What We Didn’t Love

There isn’t much we didn’t like about Skill Sharpeners Science K. The lessons are quick, interactive, engaging, and fun. The only complaint might be that an older or advanced child may find the lessons too easy, but I honestly feel there is likely something in here for everyone to learn.

Final Thoughts on Skill Sharpeners Science K

Both my daughter and I have enjoyed doing Skill Sharpeners Science K together. It’s been a good source of conversation and learning about the world around us in a simple, manageable way. If your young child is ready to explore the world, check out Skill Sharpeners Science K here!

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