Project Simplicity: 5 Months of De-Cluttering

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When your stuff stresses you out, sometimes you’re willing to make huge sacrifices. Studies are popping up now, telling us what we already know–that the stuff we own and fill our homes with actually causes our stress levels to increase. More stress equals less happiness, contentment and gratitude, which is why Project Simplicity is so important to me!

I was watching myself, miserable and angry, always behind on laundry, always behind on cleaning, always staring at these massive piles of stuff that I didn’t even use or like. 

Enough is enough, my friends.

I revamped Project Simplicity and decided to toss/sell/donate at least 5 items a day. I did this for weeks.

Through the closets, the drawers, the bins, the storage, the craft unit, the bookshelves. Decor I no longer used. Kitchen utensils I hadn’t touched in years. Clothes I couldn’t fit in. Books and supplies from jobs I’ve held in the past and will most likely never do again.

Over-bought and over-gifted baby supplies. So. Many. Baby. Things.

Broken office supplies and electronics. Hundreds of dead batteries. Cords no one knew what they were for. Bags, pillows, household clutter up the wazoo.

The sheer monumental impact of all…this…stuff… The feeling of drowning in clutter and desperately needing freedom. We had a huge garage sale, sold things online, donated box after box to Goodwill, and tossed a lot of broken, useless things. I’m ashamed to say I ever had this much stuff to begin with. How I collected it all and where it all came from baffles me.

It’s a place I never want to go back to. These pictures are only a tiny selection of the stuff that we’ve parted with. The reality is so much bigger than even I can comprehend.


This is why minimalism matters. This is what I so desperately needed to do to find more time, more freedom, more space. My house is not finished yet. Our lives are still filled with stuff we don’t need, but it’s a process. It takes a lot of time and mental clarity to part with these things we’ve become attached to.

But there’s a goal. A purpose to it all, and it drives me to seek new life–if you’re where I was, start a Project Simplicity in your life–I guarantee you’ll feel so much lighter!less stuff more life

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