Comfy & Organized – How I Pack My CiPU Diaper Bag!

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Comfort, functionality and style are the things every mom wants in her diaper bag. I’ve gone through a stack of different bags over the last two years and found that most were too small or the straps dug into my shoulders or the bag started ripping because let’s face it…I carry a lot of stuff with me!

CiPU generously sent me their XL Jumbo Navy Blue Lining diaper bag which features an astounding 14 compartments and 9 accessories. As an overpacker (still working on minimizing my diaper bag…not quite there yet!), I have a love of organizing where I like everything to have a place. This bag does an amazing job with that!

It’s incredibly spacious in the middle, plus all the pockets–and I absolutely adore the multiple zippered options! So here’s how I pack my bag.

Each of the pockets is large enough to fit a variety of items, so first in goes a swaddle blanket (on the bottom), with toys, snacks, a burp cloth, wet bag and first aid kit.

The large zipper pocket is perfect for those extra clean clothes and in the smaller pockets I usually keep some travel essential oils and a notepad and pen.

In the middle I put a jacket for my toddler, a pacifier, and snack cup. In the inside or outside “bottle pockets” I put her sippy cup, a water bottle for me and a milk bottle for her.

This company totally gets me because they know I like to keep my mommy things and diaper changing things separate from my main bag! Behold, the mommy purse and diaper purse (say what??). The wristlet has two pockets, perfect for keys and a phone (or cards and cash if you don’t carry a separate wallet).

The diaper changing bag has a separate shoulder strap and also features two zippered pockets. One already holds a large changing pad (has no padding though, but great coverage). In the other pocket I put wipes and diapers.

I put these little additions into the middle of the diaper bag and yes, it still zips up! The front pocket of the bag is where I put my wallet, Thieves hand purifier, roller balls, chapstick and any other necessities for the day!

I was seriously impressed by how comfortable this bag feels on my shoulder, both with just the handles (they are soooo squishy), and with the shoulder strap. Most bags have those rough handles that dig into your shoulders (ouch), and these are a nice change!

You can watch the full video review to see more:


Many thanks to CiPU for sponsoring this post and providing this amazing bag for review! If you’ve been looking for more comfort and better organization in your diaper bag, take a look at their options at or on They have a variety of sizes including totes, backpacks and more.

Cipu Diaper Bag

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and may include affiliate links.

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