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Dinosaur lovers and crafty kids unite for this one-of-a-kind Dino Box filled with six delightfully simple, yet fun arts and craft projects. Covering artistic aspects like 3-D models, scratch art, painting, drawing, and stamps, these projects will engage young minds in a variety of ways.

A special thanks to Timberdoodle Company for sponsoring this post by graciously sending us this complimentary copy of World of Dinosaurs to see what we think. All opinions are our own!

The Djeco World of Dinosaurs Dino Box is beautifully put together in a sturdy storage box and is recommended for ages 6-10. It comes with a bound instruction book and all the pieces needed for the six art projects.

Dinos to Assemble

The first activity my daughter chose was (of course) the model dinos! She couldn’t wait to make the cardboard models and play with them. The pieces were easy to punch out and the illustrated step-by-step instructions were easy to follow.

Three dino friends are waiting to come to life: T-Rex, Triceratops, and Brachiosaure. My 1st grader needed a little help to get the pieces in the right place, but overall she was able to do most of the assembly on her own.

She was very excited about her dino friends, and while their limbs will fall off with vigorous play, they are perfect for display and gentle handling. Of course, they are easy to put back together if a piece does fall off, so they are still quite hardy in that sense!


Little artists will delight in this watercolor painting activity. The canvas comes partially colored, with the instructions showing exactly what color from the paint block should be used for which white spaces. While older children may be disappointed that they don’t have a full canvas to paint, I think this setup is perfect for younger children who may still have trouble keeping within the lines and painting neatly.

I really liked how detailed the instructions were with numbering the color choices on the side of each picture with a picture of the paint block on the bottom.

We found this activity to be excellent practice in following directions, matching colors, spatial awareness, and fine motor skills. Many of the spaces to paint are small and require precise, delicate paint strokes. This was great practice for my wildly creative, broad-stroked child!

Scratch Art

There are four different scratch art sheets and a wooden tool provided. Two dinos of the land, one of the water and one of the air. I love scratch art for its simplicity and mess-free artistic status, but children also delight in watching the pictures come to life as color appears. There is also some creative license to draw shapes and patterns in some areas to create a unique masterpiece.

The instruction book features an example of what designs could be sketched, followed by what parts of the picture can be scratched out for full-color coverage (for instance, the dinosaurs themselves). Compared to other scratch arts my daughter has done in the past, these are very detailed and definitely geared toward a child who is growing their drawing skills.

My 1st grader hasn’t been as interested in these scratch arts, but I think she has yet to grasp the concept of details and patterns in drawing a picture. We continue to work on these skills and pull out the scratch arts every few weeks to work on more parts of them.

3-D Pictures

Two 3-D pictures are included with thick cardboard backdrops and sturdy paper punch-out pieces. Sticky foam squares are also provided to put on the back of each element to “pop” them off the picture. Once I explained the directions to my daughter, she was able to complete the picture on her own. The instruction book shows what order to apply the elements for the full 3-D effect.

We liked that this project was also fairly simple to complete, and mostly mess-free (excluding the little papers from the back of the sticky tabs). I was glad that she was able to do it on her own, because let’s face it–it’s hard to assist in art projects while you’re feeding a baby!

Foam Collage & Foil Art

Of all the art projects included, this one appears to be the most complicated (maybe even a little intimidating), but when you follow the step-by-step directions, it isn’t that hard! My daughter and I were both confused about how the foil pieces worked, but, it turns out, you simply rub the foil piece onto the foam sticker and the foil coloring applies itself! Simpler than it looks!

Punch out the numbered stickers, place them on the dino board, and rub the corresponding color of foil onto it. At first, my daughter needed a little help to make sure the foil rubbed off on the whole sticker, but she got the hang of it quickly.

Stamps & Drawing

With one large fold-out cardboard backdrop, a handful of foam stamps, a stamp pad, and a silver pen, kids are equipped to stamp and draw to finish the picture. The instructions show where they can stamp each item and pattern to add details, and also show what patterns and shapes they can draw with the pen.

My daughter is a fan of stamps, so she was eager to pull these out and give them a try. She often doesn’t want to follow the exact patterns and placement shown in the instruction booklet, but I try to work on that skill as following directions, while also encouraging her own imagination and creativity beyond the suggestions.

Final Thoughts on World of Dinosaurs

I like art kits like this because it gives kids a place to start and introduces them to pictures and avenues of art they may not otherwise experience. Of course, there is great value in offering blank paper and canvas to children for imaginative expression, but these more structured kits can be a wonderful supplement. Open-ended art should be a regular part of a child’s life, but art kits add a special sizzle to the school day.

Dinosaur lovers will be giddy over all the different ways to experience these majestic creatures in a hands-on, creative fashion. World of Dinosaurs is available separately or as part of the Timberdoodle 1st grade curriculum kit.

Because this kit is loaded with 6 different projects, it has lasted several months of pulling it out about once a week for a special activity.

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