Why We Homeschool || Family Simplicity in a Fast-Paced World

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Making the decision to homeschool is not always simple, but for our family, homeschooling is a vital part of having slower, simpler family life!

If you’re seeking family simplicity, homeschooling may or may not be for you, but here’s why it’s so important to us!

If you’re new here, welcome! I’m Laura Noelle, and my husband and I have a beautiful, spunky and spirited daughter.

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Having been homeschooled myself, the decision to become a second-generation homeschooler was pretty clear from the start, but as we approach elementary school, I’ve had to do some soul-searching to find my own place in the homeschool world and figure out what works best for us.

Simplicity is Key

My mom was a gifted and certified school teacher, and while I have training in early childhood education, that’s as far as my credentials go. With that said, I knew that how I wanted to homeschool my daughter would look quite different from the way my mom taught me (and that’s totally okay!).

I’m a Professional Organizer, which means I like systems, routines, and structure…but not too much of it. =) I’m also a life-long learner, so I have years of my own schooling in front of me as an aromatherapist-in-training, and endless bookshelves to read. My plate is full of balancing all kinds of things, and homeschooling needs to fit in with that–not take things away.

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Why Slower Life Matters

My natural energy is stillness, while my daughter is forward moving. I like things organized, soothing, and settled. She moves like a rushing river after the rain. (I love this about her, I really do!)

In order to keep balance in our family, we need flexibility and the time and space to slow down and simply be together. In the past, I have tried to go on daily outings and attend activities, and very quickly I learned that trying to do it all at once burns me out.

For us, slower family life means we schedule only the most important things on the calendar. This usually means a few playdates a month, necessary appointments spread out, and 1 or 2 activities a week. Those are the boundaries that keep me from maxxing out!

We also limit screen time, lean toward classic open-ended toys, and believe in the virtues of a homegrown child. We’re not perfect in any way, but leaning into simplicity has given us more space to focus on the things that matter most–people.

The world moves so fast, and as parents we are often pushed to keep doing more and more, when really, all we want is to just slow down.

Homeschooling allows us to slow down. To go at our own pace. To shut off some of the noise and focus. Our family tuned into our hearts and we knew this was the right choice for us!

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Incorporating the Outdoors

My daughter and I also share a love of the great outdoors so our days always incorporate exploration, digging, walks around town, and all the sensory input.

This was clear to me from the start — my daughter needed sensory, hands-on experiences, not just workbooks. She needed to learn by doing.

I realized that growing up, I was a very kinesthetic child too. I was always building and writing and creating. Every young child learns through play, but some are more book driven than others.

While I have great appreciation for the classical education methods, and sometimes we incorporate pieces of them in our days, I went on a specific search for a curriculum that made 1) my life simpler and 2) her learning hands on.

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Curriculum in a Box

My mother, being the passionate teacher she is, typically hand selected each subject matter and wrote her own lesson plans.

I knew this was not going to happen for me, so when I began researching Timberdoodle Curriculum Kits, they just felt right.

  • STEM (or STEAM if you want to include art) focused
  • The best of the best materials already selected for me — with the ability to customize (which I do!)
  • Preschool kits based on learning through play and literature
  • Full scope infant through 12th-grade kit options!
  • Teacher’s handbook and lesson planner already done for me

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Oh, it was a dream come true!

A curriculum in a box that was flexible, yet had some structure. I could customize it to work with our family rhythm, but without hours of planning and effort.

You could say that I am a pretty big fan of Timberdoodle! We are currently using elements from the Preschool and Pre-K kits and I have plenty of materials still stored away for the next few years.

Timberdoodle Blog Team

With that said, I’m sooo excited to announce that I am a part of the 2019-2020 Blog Team!

Timberdoodle Blog Team Member

This means that in the coming year I’ll be able to share some reviews of learning tools and curriculum pieces that can help to simplify your family life while bringing quality education to the home for your kiddos!

I’m excited to share this journey with you and would love to connect with you on social media. You can find me on:


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why we homeschool

why we homeschool

why we homeschool

Why We Homeschool || Family Simplicity in a Fast-Paced World

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  1. Homeschooling is something that I have thought a lot about as we decide to add a child to our family. I love how you said homeschooling allows you to slow down and teach your daughter based on your family values. I have noticed a lot of homeschool families have sped up life with co-op, extracurriculars, and other activities. It’s nice to see the opposite end of the spectrum. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sara, absolutely! I’ve seen a lot of families load up their schedules, and part of why I want to homeschool is for freedom and flexibility. For me, that doesn’t look like commutes and a ton of commitments. We are a part of a close-to-home co-op, but that’s only one morning a week during the school year, and that’s pretty much my limit!

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