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Building kits are my favorite. Not only do they provide hours of tactile creativity for my daughter, but they also offer a fun activity for us to complete together. Plus-Plus Excursion lives up to the challenge!

A special thanks to Timberdoodle Co. for graciously sending us a complimentary set of Plus-Plus Excursion blocks in exchange for our honest review.

Plus-Plus Excursion

Plus-Plus Excursion is a STEM building kit that is recommended for children 5 and up, and it’s included in the Timberdoodle First Grade curriculum kit.

Plus-Plus blocks come in two sizes, a “Big” size for ages 1+, and a “Mini” size for 5+. My daughter has used the Big Plus-Plus blocks from the Timberdoodle Preschool kit since she was 3 years old and loves both building models and free-play creation.

Because the big blocks were a hit, I knew this more advanced set would also be a favorite, especially since the Excursion set includes 1,050 colorful pieces, a square baseplate, 2 rectangle car bases, wheels, and 3 instruction manuals full of step by step visuals for building race cars, airplanes, unicorns and more.

Plus-Plus blocks are all one shape (except for wheel and base pieces), but come in a variety of colors and can be used to build 2-D or 3-D shapes.

Plus-Plus blocks are versatile and can be used as learning aids (think making visual letters, numbers, and words), and creativity boosters (make a tree, an animal, a house). In a learning environment, plus-plus blocks can be used for sorting colors, stacking, tactile math problems, pattern creation, shapes, games and more. Endless opportunity!

What We Thought

What a child can create with Plus-Plus blocks depends on their own dexterity and fine motor development. Most 5 year old children will be able to manipulate the blocks, but may find them small and difficult to build 3-D shapes, unless, perhaps, they are already well-versed in small Lego building.

My newly 6 year old is just starting to get used to small building blocks, and still needs assistance in creating complex designs. I knew this, of course, and fully participate in the model building process. She always has access to the block bin though, and does pull it out on her own for free play building.

We love how easily most of the blocks slide together. The manual instructions are fairly clear to follow as well. My daughter was so excited to build a race car, and while it took us a few days, we were each able to finish a (very colorful) model.

Her favorite thing about Plus-Plus blocks are building unique creations. Little houses and imaginative designs keep her well occupied.

Parents can appreciate that they are a softer plastic than Legos, making them quieter to play with (but the corners are pointed so you don’t want to step on them!).

I can also appreciate, that as an adult, these are open-ended blocks. Unlike many sets that can only make a particular item or scene, these can be used for literally anything.

The only frustration we have found is that sometimes some of the blocks do slip from your design and since they are tiny, they can be challenging to fix. But it’s a risk that comes with any building set, and is easily enough fixed.

Final Thoughts On Plus-Plus Excursion

If your little creator likes to build, and especially likes race cars, Plus-Plus Excursion will be a hit at your house! You can find Plus-Plus Excursion individually from Timberdoodle, or also included in the Timberdoodle First Grade curriculum kit.

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