Timberdoodle 2nd Grade Custom Curriculum Kit Overview (2023-2024)

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It’s box day and we are beyond thrilled to unbox and dig into our brand new Timberdoodle 2nd Grade Custom Curriculum Kit for the 2023-2024 homeschool year!

When the big doodle-filled box arrives on the doorstep, we all feel the rush of anticipation to open it! With eagerness, we rip open the box and start pulling out the books, games, art kits, and more. “This is school??” My daughter squeals with delight as she begs to open and try out each new item.

Yes, this is homeschool! And this is why I love Timberdoodle kits so so much. Yes, there are textbooks and workbooks that cover your required subjects (and no, kids won’t always find those fun!). But Timberdoodle kits are filled with fun materials to brighten up the school day and make learning hands-on and multi-sensory.

A special thanks to Timberdoodle Company for sponsoring this homeschool series of posts by graciously sending us this complimentary curriculum kit to see what we thinkAll opinions are our own!

We’ve used Timberdoodle kits for Tiny Tots, Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten. I love that they offer pre-selected kits in Basic, Complete, and Elite levels with religious (classic) and non-religious options, but my favorite of all is the “Custom Kit” approach.

This year I customized multiple subject areas to make this 2nd-grade kit fit our family’s needs and it ended up amazing! Their simple online customizer lets you swap out, delete, add, and level up or down as you go. You can also enlist the assistance of their fantastic customer service to help with advanced customizations.

Why Timberdoodle?

Timberdoodle is a family-owned company offering homeschool curriculum kits and individual educational materials for birth through 12th grade. They are phenomenal for sourcing a wide variety of multi-sensory, eclectic, and hands-on materials.

This year I’ll be sharing more about the materials in our 2nd Grade Custom Kit, including how we set up our school days, organize our materials, and much more.

Language Arts

Happy Cheetah Reading System and Word Fun book

I choose to swap out the standard All About Reading for the Happy Cheetah Reading System. You can watch my unboxing/first impressions video of Happy Cheetah here. So far, I really really like it!


Alpha Math-U-See textbooks and Tenzi game

We enjoyed Math-U-See Primer, and finished that up in 1st grade. I decided to level down the suggested 2nd-grade level to Alpha since that’s where we left off.

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills games

My daughter demanded to play every one of these games as soon as we opened the box. I love that they are incredibly fun to play and kids are learning so much without realizing they are learning!


Story of the World History

It’s our first year doing formal history so I swapped down a level to Story of the World Volume One. The Bundle includes the reading text, the activity book, and the text on CD. We will be listening to the text on CDs and using the activity book this year.


Geopuzzles and skill sharpeners Geography

We have used Skill Sharpeners workbooks before and my daughter really enjoyed the colorful, hands-on learning in them. We are also looking forward to putting together the world geography Geopuzzles while listening to Story of the World CDs!

Science & STEM

Fischertechnik STEM kit and Wile E Coyote Book

This year I chose to forgo science from the curriculum kit because I will be teaching science at our homeschool co-op. However, the STEM materials include a fun Wile E. Coyote book all about physical science, so I am including that in her science learning!


Art kits

The delighted squeals my daughter made when she pulled these art kits out were priceless! I very much appreciate that they include quickly consumable art kits along with drawing/doodle books that are more easily spread throughout the year.

Handbook + Learning Tools

Clixo Create

The 2nd-grade handbook is on backorder at the moment, but I’ll add a picture once I get it. The handbook is usually filled with scheduling tips, information on each item in the traditional kits (not quite as helpful when you customize your kit), and articles to help you as a new, or seasoned homeschooler!

The learning tool this year is Clixo Create–a fantastic magnetic fidget/STEM kit that my daughter simply adores. You’ll see more about that soon!

Watch the Overview Video to see flip-throughs and hear what we are most looking forward to!

Final Thoughts on Timberdoodle’s 2nd Grade Custom Kit Overview

Coming up soon are more reviews and videos showing more about what these subject areas contain and how we are using our kit. Check out all the 2nd-grade Curriculum kit options here.

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